Denotes a Unity World UI Canvas can be interacted with a UIPointer script.

Script Usage:

  • Place the VRTK_UICanvas script on the Unity World UI Canvas to allow UIPointer interactions with.

Script Dependencies:

  • A UI Pointer attached to another GameObject (e.g. controller script alias) to interact with the UICanvas script.

Inspector Parameters

  • Click On Pointer Collision: Determines if a UI Click action should happen when a UI Pointer game object collides with this canvas.
  • Auto Activate Within Distance: Determines if a UI Pointer will be auto activated if a UI Pointer game object comes within the given distance of this canvas. If a value of 0 is given then no auto activation will occur.


VRTK/Examples/034_Controls_InteractingWithUnityUI uses the VRTK_UICanvas script on two of the canvases to show how the UI Pointer can interact with them.