Prevents teleportation when the HMD is colliding with valid geometry.

Required Components:

  • VRTK_BasicTeleport - A Teleport script to utilise for teleporting the play area.
  • VRTK_HeadsetCollision - A Headset Collision script for detecting when the headset has collided with valid geometry.

Script Usage:

  • Place the VRTK_TeleportDisableOnHeadsetCollision script on any active scene GameObject.

Inspector Parameters

  • Teleporter: The Teleporter script to deal play area teleporting. If the script is being applied onto an object that already has a VRTK_BasicTeleport component, this parameter can be left blank as it will be auto populated by the script at runtime.
  • Headset Collision: The VRTK Headset Collision script to use when determining headset collisions. If this is left blank then the script will need to be applied to the same GameObject.