Applys a tunnel overlay effect to the active VR camera when the play area is moving or rotating to reduce potential nausea caused by simulation sickness.

Script Usage:

  • Place the VRTK_TunnelOverlay script on any active scene GameObject.

This implementation is based on a project made by SixWays at

Inspector Parameters

  • Minimum Rotation: Minimum rotation speed for the effect to activate (degrees per second).
  • Maximum Rotation: Maximum rotation speed for the effect have its max settings applied (degrees per second).
  • Minimum Speed: Minimum movement speed for the effect to activate.
  • Maximum Speed: Maximum movement speed where the effect will have its max settings applied.
  • Effect Color: The color to use for the tunnel effect.
  • Effect Skybox: An optional skybox texture to use for the tunnel effect.
  • Initial Effect Size: The initial amount of screen coverage the tunnel to consume without any movement.
  • Maximum Effect Size: Screen coverage at the maximum tracked values.
  • Feather Size: Feather effect size around the cut-off as fraction of screen.
  • Smoothing Time: Smooth out radius over time.