extends VRTK_HeightAdjustTeleport


Updates the x/y/z position of the SDK Camera Rig with a lerp to the new position creating a dash effect.

Script Usage:

  • Place the VRTK_DashTeleport script on any active scene GameObject.

Script Dependencies:

  • An optional Destination Marker (such as a Pointer) to set the destination of the teleport location.

Inspector Parameters

  • Normal Lerp Time: The fixed time it takes to dash to a new position.
  • Min Speed Mps: The minimum speed for dashing in meters per second.
  • Capsule Top Offset: The Offset of the CapsuleCast above the camera.
  • Capsule Bottom Offset: The Offset of the CapsuleCast below the camera.
  • Capsule Radius: The radius of the CapsuleCast.

Class Events

  • WillDashThruObjects - Emitted when the CapsuleCast towards the target has found that obstacles are in the way.
  • DashedThruObjects - Emitted when obstacles have been crossed and the dash has ended.

Unity Events

Adding the VRTK_DashTeleport_UnityEvents component to VRTK_DashTeleport object allows access to UnityEvents that will react identically to the Class Events.

  • All C# delegate events are mapped to a Unity Event with the On prefix. e.g. MyEvent -> OnMyEvent.

Event Payload

  • RaycastHit[] hits - An array of RaycastHits that the CapsuleCast has collided with.


VRTK/Examples/038_CameraRig_DashTeleport shows how to turn off the mesh renderers of objects that are in the way during the dash.