extends VRTK_BaseJointGrabAttach


Attaches the grabbed Interactable Object to the grabbing object via a Fixed Joint.

The Interactable Object will be attached to the grabbing object via a Fixed Joint and the Joint can be broken upon colliding the Interactable Object with other colliders.

Script Usage:

  • Place the VRTK_FixedJointGrabAttach script on either:
    • The GameObject of the Interactable Object to detect interactions on.
    • Any other scene GameObject and then link that GameObject to the Interactable Objects Grab Attach Mechanic Script parameter to denote use of the grab mechanic.

Inspector Parameters

  • Break Force: Maximum force the Joint can withstand before breaking. Setting to infinity ensures the Joint is unbreakable.


VRTK/Examples/005_Controller_BasicObjectGrabbing demonstrates this grab attach mechanic all of the grabbable objects in the scene.