extends VRTK_SDKControllerReady


The SDK Transform Modify can be used to change a transform orientation at runtime based on the currently used SDK or SDK controller.

Inspector Parameters

  • Loaded SDK Setup: An optional SDK Setup to use to determine when to modify the transform.
  • Controller Type: An optional SDK controller type to use to determine when to modify the transform.
  • Position: The new local position to change the transform to.
  • Rotation: The new local rotation in eular angles to change the transform to.
  • Scale: The new local scale to change the transform to.
  • Target: The target Transform to modify on enable. If this is left blank then the Transform the script is attached to will be used.
  • Reset On Disable: If this is checked then the target Transform will be reset to the original orientation when this script is disabled.
  • Sdk Overrides: A collection of SDK Transform overrides to change the given target Transform for each specified SDK.

Class Methods


public virtual void UpdateTransform(VRTK_ControllerReference controllerReference = null)

  • Parameters
    • VRTK_ControllerReference controllerReference - An optional reference to the controller to update the transform with.
  • Returns
    • none

The UpdateTransform method updates the Transform data on the current GameObject for the specified settings.


public virtual void SetOrigins()

  • Parameters
    • none
  • Returns
    • none

The SetOrigins method sets the original position, rotation, scale of the target Transform.